If you are looking for a good quality and efficient top load washing machine, you might not want to miss out on Speed Queen’s AWN432S Top Load Washer.  At 3.3 cubic foot of capacity, this unit may be a little smaller. But it should be perfect for those households that only have to deal with fewer loads of laundry on the regular.

The size of the unit makes it ideal for those homes and living spaces that tend to be smaller. So, those that live in apartments might find this a good choice to have around. Its odes have 17 wash cycles, which makes it pretty impressive and it also happens to feature two speeds. This product is also being run on a motor of a half horse power.

People will be delighted to know that the unit happens to get water heated right out of the tap. It is not going to be diluted with any cold water too as is very common with many new machines that are out in the market today. The quick cycle is very efficient too. The heavy duty hot water is going to last for only thirty minutes as well.

If you are worried about the noise, then this is one unit that you would not want to have problems with because it tends to get your clothes washed quietly. If you happen to have the laundry area located a little closer to your living room, then this is one unit that you would definitely appreciate having around. This would also be perfect for those living in areas where staying relatively quiet is very important.

Some people might find it a little inconvenient though that adding water softener has to be done by hand in the event that the extra rinse cycle is going to be used. Still, this is not a big deal when compared to the numerous pros that the washer has to offer.

By the way, it’s interesting that there is such a wide range of different places that we do laundry in our homes or apartments.  Some homeowners have access to a small laundry room or a closet right by their main living areas inside the home.  Others don’t have that luxury and instead have their laundry appliances set up outside of the home in the garage.  This is, in fact, a really popular place for washers and dryers.  This can make sense as the concrete slab they’re sitting on is great for stability of the appliances, while they rotate, spin, and do their thing.  As well, because we’re talking about water and often a laundry sink nearby, it’s nice to have these items not inside the home should anything every go wrong.  That being the case, our final recommendation in this article is to mention that led garage lighting is very important and it’s definitely worth your look into getting that often dark garage well lit and ready to better work for you!